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Entrepreneurship Discussion Group


At IIT-K, finding the right place for your interests is not much difficult. From science and technology to cultural activities, from sports to films and media, the student clubs organize activities which create opportunities to discover and develop our passion. And an integral part of these opportunities is entrepreneurship!

The discussion session allows all the entrepreneurial enthusiasts of the campus get together to share the wealth of knowledge, experience, insight, ideas about entrepreneurship. The opportunity to learn from each other keeps them knitted together, all of them being from different backgrounds, departments and year of study makes a perfect combination for a brainstorming session.

These hangouts are group discussions organized every Sunday evening in one of the halls’ reading room aimed at discussing the opportunities and challenges in a sector or journey of a start-up. It begins with a short presentation given by one of the campus entrepreneur/enthusiast on that topic or sector followed by an elaborate group discussion on it. It involves discussion of various start-up ideas or ongoing work in that sector, devising notions on various aspects like its funding, scope, business models, finance, risk and what not! Some discuss the projects they are themselves involved in; and it does help them get valuable suggestions and insights from others because the main aim behind this hangout is to promote and support 'entrepreneurship'. Anyone interested can join, share his views and knowledge, ask doubts or just listen!

Some of the previously discussed topics have been co-founder conflicts which basically focussed on why is it important to have a co-founder, what conflicts might arise and how can they be resolved; intricacies of the education sector, revealing many potential successes and failures and what might be the next level of innovation in education!

We interacted with some of the active members of the group and following is what they had to share with us:

You see, entrepreneurs are made of some really solid stuff. They keep on banging their heads against the wall even if there is no hope and eventually pull it off. You are bound to experience failures and setbacks now and then. Also, the society, in general, does not understand what goes on inside the (crazy) mind of an entrepreneur. Thus, the journey of an entrepreneur is tough as well as the loneliest. The way to solve this problem is to have support ecosystems around the entrepreneur where failure is celebrated, crazy ideas are revelled and the entrepreneur realizes that he is not alone. This is the major purpose with which this group was founded. Apart from hangouts with investors, mentors etc. people are planning some initiatives like Business Model workshop, Finance Workshop (with generous support from E-Cell)Abhiroop Bhatnagar
The get together of the best entrepreneurs in campus is the most profound knowledge base, especially when it is predicated on a core topic, that acts as the archive for learners like myself. The discussion is enriched with presentations from the adepts in that particular field, nurtured by a round seated open conversation, where random knowledge of high significance is passed around. My suggestions would be more punctuality in the sessions, and extraneous aid, such as the IIM-L professors' hangout, google hangouts with the CEOs of recognised enterprises, also better amenities in the accommodation, and more media would do better.Vignaesh Muthu Kumar (1st year, new member)